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Saturday, 15 December 2012

How to get the call details from PhoneListener

So here is the one how to get the call details and send it to somewhere on remote database.


As i mentioned earlier how to integrate PhoneListener:

here are the functions to over ride in Phone Listener , you may override any function as the name suggests when these functions will be called...
Create these variables in class:
PhoneCall _phoneCall;
String _phoneNumber;
int _callduration;

first add your phone listener:


ii  am getting call details when the call is incoming....

_phoneCall = Phone.getCall(CallID);
    _phoneNumber = _phoneCall.getDisplayPhoneNumber();

Now as you can see i am just getting the details here nothing else;

in CallDisconnected function:
_callDuration = _phoneCall.getElapsedTime();
//Call function to send data to server.....use invokeLater for this ...


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