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Friday, 21 June 2013

Drastic Floods in uttrakhand

Hello All,

I am very sad today coz of such a drastic floods in uttrakhand.Its we who are responsible for such natural disaster,mother nature told us that she is the master of this world,and we are annoying her by our activities of creating concrete jungles and deforestation.WE really need to take this matter seriously,as this shows that if we dont stop ,the day will come when this beautiful world made by mother nature will be destroyed by mother nature itself.

I pray for the victims who lost there lives ,there families in this drastic mishappening:

And a grand salute to our defence forces ,who really showed there courage and proves wy they are the world's 3rd largest army,and most skilled commandoes.Inidan AirForce , Indian Army took the rescue operation in there hands,and in worst weather condition they reached to the places that were totally cut-off from the country.   I AM PROUD TO BE A PART OF SUCH COUNTRY .......